Jaye Watson

Jaye Watson is the alter ego of a sweet little old lady who doesn't want her grandchildren to know what dark and bloody thoughts she harbors in her heart of hearts.

She would rather write about serial killers than romantic lovers, and much prefers a good treatise on deadly poisons to any collection of homestyle recipes. For amusement, Jaye plots new and different ways to kill off the people who cut in front of her in grocery lines and crowd her on the freeway.

Once upon a time, she read a mystery in which the victim was poisoned. Everyone assumed the killer was a woman, because everyone knew that poison is a woman's murder weapon of choice.

Eventually that one small red herring (the murderer was a man) led Jaye to write her first story, "Can She Bake A Cherry Pie?"

If some is good, more must be better, Jaye decided. This led to "God Rest Ye, Mary", about an office holiday party that was anything but dull—just deadly.

Seems like every mystery writer going has to write about serial killers, and Jaye is no different. But her serial killer's victims are, in "That Doggy in the Window." Unlike Jaye's earlier stories, this one didn't end happily for Emaline.

What with new owners causing a major unheaval at the lab, one of her best friends going berserk, and a mysterious invitation to visit a brothel, Emaline decides it's time to take charge. So she does, fueled by "Black Coffee."

After her life settles down, Emaline decides to clean out the attic of the old house she inherited from her grandfather. Even there she finds a mystery. This one makes her ask "What now My Love..."

All five Emaline Banister mysteries are published by Uncial Press and available from many online ebooksellers.

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