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What Now My Love Cover

Sacramento, California
March 23 1939

   Happy birthday to my best girl. I'm still working at getting back to Portland. Trouble is, some of those big aircraft plants down in LA are looking at installing AeroSyph systems, and there's nobody out here who knows as much about them as I do. Looks like it'll be a while yet.

   I've sent you a birthday present. Watch for it. And if it doesn't fit, you can take it to any Sears Roebuck store and get one that does. I'd tell you to have your picture taken in it, but I don't want anybody but me to see you wearing it.



"Learn anything?"

His voice brought her back to the present. "Only that Bill was playing Aunt Tilly. He strung her along with promises to come back to Portland, hints that he'd marry her. I doubt he had any intention of doing anything but getting her into bed, if he ever came this way again. Why, I'll bet he had a girl in every town."

"You're taking this really seriously. What difference does it make?" Harry picked up an envelope she'd dropped to the floor. He rubbed a thumb over the postmark, faded but still legible. "It all happened eighty years ago."

"You're right. But I remember Aunt Tilly. She was the saddest person I've ever seen. I always felt sort of sorry for her, that she didn't know how to be happy."

"Maybe there was a reason. One named Bill." Harry stood up, held out his hand. "You're making yourself as sad as your aunt. Let's go see about dinner. Put the letters away."

She did, and they had a pleasant couple of hours over soup and bread. Harry made a visible effort to be cheerful and open. A small step, but to Emaline it said he was getting better.


2014 P&E Poll short story finalist"...great dialogue and a strong storyline. The characters seem authentic with some mystery of their own. The plot makes sense and it's very creative and intriguing. The title of the story fits the plot as well. When you follow the flow of the letters, the reader starts to unravel the mystery. 4 Hearts!"~~Catherine Anderson, The Romance Studio

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